Disney Minnie Mouse Costume

Disney characters and Disney fancy dress costumes have always been popular and with classic characters like Mickey Mouse Costumes, Donald Duck, Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes, Tinkerbell costumes, you can see why. But for me one of my faves has always been Minnie Mouse Costumes.

The Minnie Mouse Costume and where it came from
Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and he knew from his previous hit with Oswald the Luck Rabbit that Mickey would need to have a sweetheart and that character would later become Minnie Mouse.
The Minnie Mouse Costume
At the start of Mickey Mouse, Minnie did not have a name yet, but her costume was in the fashion of a flapper girl which was in the 1920's more than just fashion, but also almost a movement, where young women would wear short skirts, wear bobbed hair and mostly danced to Jazz music. They were also initially thought to wear excessive make-up, treated sex in a too casual way, smoked and generally behaved in a way that was frowned upon. So for Walt Disney to have the Minnie Mouse Costume in the form of a flapper girl must have been a gamble at the time, but now because of that I think that is what makes the Minnie Mouse costume one of the most popular Disney costumes out there.

Almost all the Minnie Mouse costumes that you can buy online and in fancy dress shops to this day have a dress that resembles a flapper dress and is almost always red with white spots and comes with the black mouse ears. You can read more on the Minnie Mouse Costume here.
Where you can buy a Minnie Mouse Costume:
I have always bought my fancy dress costumes online and my fav place has always been fancy dress from Jokers' Masquerade who have a huge range of fancy dress costumes, you will always see me recommend them and I do this because I think they are great. Another excellent place to look is Amazon as they also pretty much always have a large selection of costumes.

Minnie Mouse Costumes on Jokers' Masquerade