World Book Day Costumes & Ideas

The World Book Day was started by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. In the United Kingdom and Ireland the event is celebrated on the 6th of March and free book tokens are given to school children. The World Book Day has it's origins in Catalonia which begun over 80 years ago where books and roses were given to family and friends on St. George’s Day.

The day continues to grow from strength to strength and the tradition has started in which children, and sometimes teachers will come to school wearing a fancy dress costume, usually with a book character theme involved.

2010 World Book Day
This years world book day takes place on the 4th March 2010 and promises to be the biggest and best yet with more and more schools taking part.
World Book Day Ideas
Harry Potter costumes will once again be a very popular, but I just wonder that with the new Sherlock Holmes movie still fresh in the mind, if a Sherlock Holmes Costume might not be more popular for boys?

Boys Costume Ideas for Book Week

Girl Costume Ideas for Book Week

Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress has a number of kids costumes to help you celebrate the day in style, including Harry Potter costumes, a Dennis The Menace costume and many Charles Dickens inspired characters like the Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist.